Newland Edu

Newland Edu

Newland Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Being a subsidiary of the Newland Group, a leading enterprise of new industries in China, Newland Education Company devotes itself to the cooperation with colleges and vocational schools nationwide. As solution provider for talent training of strategic emerging industry, we promote the integration of production, teaching, research and innovation in enterprise and schools, and perform directly the spirit of the Newland Group, developing the industry to serve the country and education.

Newland Education Company, relying on the strong industrial background of Newland Group in IoT, intelligent manufacturing, big data, mobile internet and cloud computing, sets up a school-enterprise alliance and builds a brand-new education platform for emerging industry. This platform establishes a connection between talent supply and demand, and bridges the gap between school training and market demand. It helps the schools to cultivate innovative and practical students for emerging industry, so that the needs of society in research, production, construction, management, service, etc., will be satisfied.

We will motivate the innovation and development of emerging industry in China with the schools through undertaking a multi-level deep cooperation in many areas:

l  setting up new faculties

l  constructing practical training bases

l  running joint school

l  training and certificating

l  innovating and starting up

l  research.